Hengfeng Hardwares Co.,Ltd Is established in 1998,we supply custom metal parts, plastic injection parts and molded rubber parts to global OEM market, currently, we export to USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia, Franceā€¦

Why choose us?

  • We strive to provide stable quality products and excellent services
  • We respond to your request quickly and efficiently
  • We are the supplier you can trust

Variety of materials:

We have experience working with stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hardened and tempered steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, nylon, rubber.

Low and High Volume Production

has over 60 stamping presses ranging from 5 to 300 tons and the injection molding machine from 160g to 2000g that are equipped with modern servo feed systems and incorporate in die sensing and inline vision inspection.

Our aim is your satisfaction